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Thursday, July 21, 2005

A hero

Unforgettable Yocxer

Ha ya! Hi ya ! Hello my name is Yocxer. I would like to tell you something that have happened to me in the real life that made me a hero. It happened a long time ago. I hope you enjoy it a lot.

In the year 1820, when Iwas only 27 years old an I was a young boy, I lived in the city of Athens in Greece with my family and friends. At that time I lived very peacefully. My neighbours and all Athenians were very kind.

But one day the people started to change there were no more happy faces in Athens. All turned sad. Then I noticed that a villain had come and he was killing the people and destroying their homes. So I said “ I don’t want to see people suffering and I don’t want this to happen to my family”. So I put my hand on my heart and said “UNTIL THE MOMENT I DIE I WILL CONTINUE HELPING OTHERS”.

Then I went to buy some weapons. I found out that is not important to have powers, but to have: courage, determination and a positive attitude. I started helping the people from Ilai. They called me a hero. And I discovered that I had a super magic power that I could see my future. I saw that every time I met him, he told me the same phrase. “ In the next opportunity I will destroy you” But I continued saving the people and Ilai never gave up.

One morning I went to ride my horse. Suddenly the horse talked to me, I was very surprised. When I arrived at the palace of Ilai there were a lot eagles talking. I was super duper surprised.

When I was with Ilai I made him an interesting proposition. I told him to have a battle and the winner could do anything. What do you think about it? I asked him Yea Yea it is a very good plan. So be prepared dear Yocxer, he replied, You too Ilai. I answered.

Every day I woke up early and did my exercises. I hoped to win. Very early in the morning I went to the palace of Ilai .
When we started the battle I was winning but Ilai called his eagles to help him. So I thought it was the moment to use the “chacrar”. Then I threw the chacrar at him and it hurt him. But Ilai hurt me too I had a big wound. But I continued fighting.
Finally I won. But most important for me was that I have saved lives. Then the people chorused beautiful phrases about me like: He is as strong as Hercules, his teeth are like ice cubes.
Now I hope that you have learnes something about hero. So see you in another adventure.

Daniela Rosas


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